Choosing the Right Tyre:

For many people, buying tyres is usually a big decision. It should not be taken lightly as it can affect your safety. While this is an important decision, it doesn’t have to be a confusing one. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Looking for safe tyres? = Choose any brand name you know and trust.
  • Do you seek comfort and handling? = You need a Touring Tyre.
  • Is handling and performance most important to you? = You need a High Performance Tyre.
  • Do you want tyres without wet grip? = Then buy Chinese or Budget Tyres.
  • Are you willing to waste money on tyres? = Then buy part worn tyres.

Second hand tyres starting at $30

It is interesting to note that while you may have high quality requirements from your tyres (whether it is performance or safety or comfort) you need not assume that you have to spend a lot. We stock good condition, second hand tyres that start at $30.

We have a wide selection of used tyres for sale that come in many sizes and types, including used car tyres, truck tyres, all-season tyres, all terrain tyres, snow tyres, performance tyres, and more.

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